Conceptual Budgeting
Conceptual cost estimating is done during the pre-construction stage of a project. The estimate gives the owner greater insight to manage the overall cost control program. The conceptual cost estimate will provide the first check against your project budget.
Value Engineering
Value engineering is used to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs and improve function and quality. The set of disciplined steps in the value engineering process is meant to optimize initial and long-term investment, seeking the best possible value for the lowest cost.
Life Cycle Analysis
Calculating a Building Life Cycle Assessment means calculating the Life Cycle Assessment of a building. Life Cycle Assessment is a scientific methodology used to calculate the environmental impacts, including carbon footprint, of a product, service, or process.
Scheduling in construction projects is the process of listing of tasks, activities, milestones with a planned start and finish date. The importance of scheduling in construction projects cannot be neglected since it plays a crucial role in a project’s success.
Phase Analysis
The construction project lifecycle phases can be broadly separated into the pre-construction phase, construction phase, and post-construction phase. Within each of these categories are a diverse series of steps that must be taken to ensure the construction project is completed. These areas are analyzed during the process.
An estimate is an attempt to predict the likely expenditures associated with a project as accurately as possible. Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers will then prepare definitive cost estimates to submit tenders in the construction bidding process to compete for the award of contracts.